The Power of Videoms

Get the listing, get the listing, get the listing. Close, close, close. Fill the vacancy, fill the vacancy, fill the… okay, you get the idea. These are probably some phrases you hear on a daily, maybe even hourly basis. In CRE, everything comes down to timely action. However, it all begins with getting the listing.

On of the first Videoms we ever made, was for a retail shopping center being sold for $50 million in California. Our client knew just how competitive it would be to secure that size of listing. He wanted to show the owner just how serious he was and the capabilities he would have during the sales process. It was decided that he would present a Videom in an early meeting to discuss the listing. Perks of using brand new technology includes setting yourself apart from the competition. It worked! He got the listing after just the first meeting. That Videom was a small investment to make, to secure a commission check of that size.

We all know that feeling right after securing a listing – excitement and relief mixed with an unhealthy dose of panic. It sinks in that you’re on the clock! Everyone involved is looking towards you for results, quick results. It’s our belief that brokers should go above and beyond to ensure that deal is closed in a timely manner. That same Videom that was used to secure the $50 million shopping plaza listing? Well it sold, in less than 100 days.

Using Videoms increases the chance that you 1. Get the listing and 2. Close the deal in a timely manner.

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