Due Diligence

Purchasing an asset? Avoid travel costs and time by using a Vidspection to SEE your asset.

Videos for Commercial Real Estate
Videos for Commercial Real Estate

Vidspection Samples

A custom drone flight plan will be created to maximize visibility of your property.

Videos for Commercial Real Estate

Expedite Acquisitions

Inspect the property before you buy your plane ticket. Rather than taking photos from your phone, receive a high-quality video record of the asset to conduct due-diligence. Save time and money in addition to keeping a video record on file.

Project Process


Customized Flight Plan

A dedicated Project Manager will work to understand your project and customize a drone flight plan to maximize visibility.


Site Visit

A scheduled visit will be made with our licensed, insured drone pilot. We will capture footage and photos on the same day. On-site security should be notified by you 48 hours prior to the visit.



Your Project Manager will share a hosted URL that allows you to easily view, comment, and share the Vidspection with your team.



Depending on your purchase, a photo and video timelapse will be shared after a set number of site visits.


Pricing for Vidspections — Construction
Includes Tier 1 Most Popular Tier 2 Tier 3
Price $499.00 $899.00 $1,249.00
Maximum Property Size Developed or Partially Developed: Up to 300K SF | Construction: Up to 30 Acres Developed or Partially Developed: Up to 800k SF | Construction: Up to 100 acres Developed or Partially Developed: Up to 1.4M SF | Construction: Up to 300 Acres
Timeline for V1 6-8 Days 7-9 Days 8-10 Days
VidTech Basics
Kick-Off Call to Discuss Flight Plan
40 Aerial Photos
Raw Footage from Site Visit
Compiled Video Including Flight Plan
1 Custom Drone Video Shot: 20 Minutes Flight Time
Overview Shot: 360 Degree Orbit of Entire Site
Area Shot: 2 Flyover Shots in Opposite Directions
Top Down Inspection: Lawnmower Shot of Entire Site
Elevation Shot: Dolly Shot Facing the Elevation of 1 Floor