Video offering memorandums supercharge commercial real estate marketing

The WOW factor. Our absolute favorite expression here at Videoms. That beautiful moment when a client, in shock, sees what their property could look like in a Videom. After which, we count the seconds till they ask the same question: “How did you think of this?”. Well, we’d love to share a bit about our history.

Jason Schwetz, the founder of Videoms and owner of JDS Real Estate, has spent 35 full years deeply involved in CRE. Jason invests in properties across the nation and has done his share of brokering deals as well. On any given day, Jason, like so many of you, receives well over 75 OM’s in his inbox. Desperate to find the next great deal, he became extensively frustrated with the outdated procedures and materials found in CRE.

The offering memorandum stood out as his primary suspect. As the first, and often last, piece of marketing material for a property, one should expect OM’s to provide a complete view of the property, the deal, and render a beautiful design. Reality is a much different picture. Jason brainstormed what other formats might make this information easier to digest and more captivating to the eye. He landed on video, the most common digital medium used today.

From this concept, Videoms was born. As we grew, our captivating video offering memorandums came to include both custom satellite and drone footage. Over time we perfected what information is imperative and the best ways to call it out to capture the attention of potential tenants and buyers.

Today, Videoms produces eye-catching marketing assets in all 50 states and our turnaround time has decreased to as little as 48 hours; and yet, we are sure to never forget where we started and who we are out to service.

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