Video Introductions


Rather than marketing a property, market yourself, your team, or your company! Share highlights about your services, prior clients, noteworthy accomplishments, and a couple case studies.

Items you can customize:


7 Day Turnaround
Filmed Remotely

Are you a CRE professional?

Potential customers need your experience, but how they can find you?
Promote yourself using an introduction video.

  • Announce new services that you can offer your clients
  • Show client success stories of prior deals you’ve made
  • Explain why you’re the best candidate for the job
  • Build your brand, STAND OUT

Expand Current Relationships

You met someone at RECon. Now how do you send a follow up email that gets their attention? You send them a Vidtro. A fast paced, captivating story of YOU and why you’re the right person for their business. Vidtros combine the personal touch of your voice with research proven video effects, made by CRE’s leading content producer.

Sign New Clients

Video allows your leads to visualize your value. Showing how you’ve helped prior clients validates your offer. Forget your 2 inch binder at home for your next conference. Bring your iPad and show off your Vidtro.

Build a Brand

CRE deals derive from relationships. Impactful new relationships root from a powerful message that communicates your value. This message comes from your brand. Use the power of video to create a brand that makes you known throughout the industry and lasts the test of time.

Get your Vidtro for just $599

Delivered within 7 days. Filmed Remotely.