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 Virtual Tours | For Commercial Real Estate 

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Virtual Tours Increase Engagement on Property Listings and Accelerate Transaction Cycles by Allowing Potential Buyers and Tenants to Explore Properties Remotely, Screening Out Non-Viable Prospects, Minimizing the Need For Site Visits, and Expediting Decision-Making. 

Virtual Tour Features Overview

Project Process

Our Virtual Tours Packages Starting at Only $249

Virtual Tour


5/5 star rated

Starting at $399 (+$199 Site Visit Charges)

Highlight the interior of your property as the video zooms in further, for an immersive video walk-through of the property. This allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the space.

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Lite Virtual Tour


4.8/5 star rated

Starting at $249

Using footage you provide, we will highlight the interior of your property, to create an immersive video walk-through. This allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the space.

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B-Roll Flight


5/5 star rated

Starting at $249 (+$199 Site Visit Charges)

Tell a deeper story of your property and it’s market through 1-3 lifestyle-style drone video shots of a property near the subject property, or of the surrounding area, to illustrate the vibrance or desirability of the community.

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Portfolio Property


4.8/5 star rated

Starting at $449 (+$199 Site Visit Charges)

Have multiple properties in a portfolio to show? Add drone footage of an additional subject property.

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LITE Portfolio Property


4.6/5 star rated

Starting at $299 (+$199 Site Visit Charges)

Have multiple properties in a portfolio to show? Add 3D Satellite footage of one additional subject property.

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Supercharge your property presentations with professional Video Offering Memorandums, we call "Videoms." Regardless of asset class, size, or deal structure, VidTech has a package to tell the story that helps close the deal. Plus, our optional advanced features like specialized drone shots, Virtual Tours, 3D Modeling, and custom graphics are designed to take your property marketing to the next level.


Our Professional CRE Photography services showcase everything from interior details to broad aerial perspectives. With advanced editing techniques, we perfect each image — optimizing colors, adjusting skies, and enhancing twilight moments to show your property in the ideal light. With 50+ years of CRE expertise, no one can capture and present your property like VidTech.



Step into the future of property showcasing with our Virtual Tours. Our Virtual Tours allow viewers to experience the essence of the space from the comfort of their screens, encapsulating the essential details and giving a lifelike feel of being on-site. From basic footage edits to tailored add-ons, we create immersive experiences catered to every property type and size.



Our Photo Timelapse option creates a 60-second visual journey with up to 120 photos, complemented by intro and outro cards and smooth transitions - all within a 24-hour production window. For those who prefer video, our Video Timelapse offers a 90-second sequence using up to 30 drone shots, ensuring the essential details are captured. Both options are ideally suited for integration with our Vidspection product.


Capture the true essence of your property with our Professional Drone Footage. From showcasing sprawling properties to highlighting the unique features of a single building, our drone captures offer unparalleled aerial perspectives. The offerings range from B-Roll Flights to detailed portfolio property views. Add 4K satellite footage for a micro-to-macro perspective. Our professional drone footage offers high-definition shots from the best angles.


Our 3D Models create stunning visualizations, explore innovative concepts, and bring your ideas to life in ways that were previously unimaginable. Visualize architectural designs, simulate building structures, and present concepts with 3D renderings that provide an immersive and realistic representation of a property’s true potential. These immersive visuals can extend to landscaping, amenities, and even parking areas for a more detailed presentation.

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