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Video and Inspections | As Legal Tools

Property Video, Monitoring & Inspections For Legal Purposes
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Videom Offering Memorandums & Video Inspections For Legal & Litigation

The Easiest Way to Squash Legal Concerns is Proof. For Legal Documentation & Litigation Presentations, Nothing Provides More Impactful Evidence Than Seeing the Item In Question in 4K 360 Degree Video. We Often Combine Our Video Presentations Product "Videoms" with Our Property Inspection Product "Vidspections" to Help our Clients Win Legal Cases.

Mitigate Risk

Lawsuits and insurance claims are an inevitable part of doing business. Documentation of assets with time-stamped evidence of overall asset state and condition of property are essential tools in legal cases. VidTech creates compelling presentations for litigation projects that build strong evidence-backed cases.

Proactive Management

View hard-to-see areas of a subject property like roofs and behind trash enclosures, and other hidden areas to provide visual evidence of the matter in question. Overlay with pertinent data to make a more effective case. Cases with powerfully persuasive visuals statistically perform better in court with judge and jury.

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Premium Videom with 3D Add-On | Industrial For Lease Property

80+ Years of CRE Experience and Expertise Go Into Providing Property Inspection & Monitoring For Legal Matters
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Includes Premium PlusAdd to Cart PremiumAdd to Cart StandardAdd to Cart Trailer Add to Cart PitchAdd to Cart
Sample Play video Play video Play video Play video Play video
Price $2,999 $1,299 $899 $599 $299
Max Video Length | # of Chapters 150 Second | 15 130 Seconds | 13 90 Seconds | 9 60 Seconds | 6 40 Seconds | 4
No. of Design Templates Available 10 6 2 2 2
Footage Types Captured by VidTech Drone, Satellite Drone, Satellite Drone, Satellite Drone NA
VidTech Basics: PM, Calls, Hosting, Edits, Basic Customization
Compatible with Premium Add-Ons - - -
Customize Drone Shots - - -
Customize Chapter Order & Transitions - - -
Customize Graphics & Data Visuals - - - -
Data Research: Demos, Traffic, POI's - - - -
Captured Raw Footage - - - -
Remove VidTech Branding - - - -
Video Monitoring Packages Starting at Only $499
Includes Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1
Maximum Property Size X-LARGE
Developed or Partially Developed: Up to 1.4M SF | Construction: Up to 300 Acres Add to Cart
Developed or Partially Developed: Up to 800k SF | Construction: Up to 100 acresAdd to Cart
Developed or Partially Developed: Up to 300K SF | Construction: Up to 30 Acres Add to Cart
Price $1,249 $899 $499
Timeline for V1 8-10 Days 7-9 Days 6-8 Days
VidTech Basics
Kick-Off Call to Discuss Flight Plan
40 Aerial Photos
Raw Footage from Site Visit
Compiled Video Including Flight Plan
1 Custom Drone Video Shot: 20 Minutes Flight Time
Overview Shot: 360 Degree Orbit of Entire Site
Area Shot: 2 Flyover Shots in Opposite Directions
Top Down Inspection: Lawnmower Shot of Entire Site
Elevation Shot: Dolly Shot Facing the Elevation of 1 Floor
Frequently Bought Together
Take your Videom further with our selection of add-ons, each designed to complement and enhance your CRE presentation.
  • Better convey the outlay of your existing or future site using a superimposed site or floor plan. Includes: The superimposition of client-provided 2D Site or Floor Plan into 3 chapters of a Videom.

  • Extend your videom by interior footage filmed by drone or camera.

  • Highlight the Interior of Your Property as the Video Zooms in Further. Includes: The Editing of Interior Footage into a Videom Product. Adds Up to 5 Additional Chapters up to a Total of 45 Seconds of Edited Video in Videom Product. The Footage Will Be Captured and Provided by the Client. Office & Retail: Up to 35,000 SF Industrial: Up to 150,000 SF Multifamily & Hospitality: Up to 3 Common Areas, 2 Room Types, One Entrance, a Hallway, and a Stairwell or Elevator (Common Area and Room Types Can Be Substituted)

  • Includes: Drone Footage of One Additional Subject Property. Editing the Footage into a Purchased Videom Product, with Up to an Additional 40 Seconds of Video. Includes an Editing Cycle of up to 30 edits.

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Strategic Use Cases


Attracting the right tenants is crucial for successful leasing. With Videoms, our immersive data-infused videos featuring custom 4K satellite and drone footage, as well as our Virtual Tours, you can tell the story of your property to prospective tenants the way you want it told and save time and money on site visits.



Attracting the right buyers and tenants is crucial to successful dispositions. With VidTech's state-of-the-art CRE property marketing videos featuring custom 4K satellite and drone footage, you can share your property's unique selling points to a wider audience.


Listing Pitches

Beat out the competition for every listing with custom listing pitches vividly presenting your successes through data-infused drone and satellite video and aerial photography. These engaging visuals are a persuasive tool for impressing stakeholders and winning more listings.


Investment Syndication​

In the world of investment syndication, trust and confidence are paramount. With Videoms' powerful Investment Syndication videos, showcasing your deals with custom data-infused 4K satellite and drone footage, you can attract potential investors like never before.


Tenant Representation

High-definition, immersive, data-infused video tours of prospective properties, allow tenant representatives to present commercial properties in great detail, highlighting key features, layouts, and the potential of a property, giving prospective tenants a thorough understanding of the property remotely.


Trophy Showcase

Get more new deals by providing a dynamic showcase of recent deal activity, highlighting your most impressive transactions. Spotlight key details and the strategic significance of each deal, giving potential clients and industry peers a powerful visual summary of your capabilities.


Development Highlights

Elevate development highlights by showcasing project progress and potential, with rich, visual narratives, bringing development projects to life. These can be used to update stakeholders, as well as attract potential investors and future tenants by telling the project's story.


City Proposals

VidTech's detailed video documentation helps you present your project to city officials and governing bodies with confidence, providing them with a comprehensive understanding to expedite the approval process.

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Supercharge your property presentations with professional Video Offering Memorandums, we call "Videoms." Regardless of asset class, size, or deal structure, VidTech has a package to tell the story that helps close the deal. Plus, our optional advanced features like specialized drone shots, Virtual Tours, 3D Modeling, and custom graphics are designed to take your property marketing to the next level.


Our Professional CRE Photography services showcase everything from interior details to broad aerial perspectives. With advanced editing techniques, we perfect each image — optimizing colors, adjusting skies, and enhancing twilight moments to show your property in the ideal light. With 50+ years of CRE expertise, no one can capture and present your property like VidTech.



Step into the future of property showcasing with our Virtual Tours. Our Virtual Tours allow viewers to experience the essence of the space from the comfort of their screens, encapsulating the essential details and giving a lifelike feel of being on-site. From basic footage edits to tailored add-ons, we create immersive experiences catered to every property type and size.



Our Photo Timelapse option creates a 60-second visual journey with up to 120 photos, complemented by intro and outro cards and smooth transitions - all within a 24-hour production window. For those who prefer video, our Video Timelapse offers a 90-second sequence using up to 30 drone shots, ensuring the essential details are captured. Both options are ideally suited for integration with our Vidspection product.


Capture the true essence of your property with our Professional Drone Footage. From showcasing sprawling properties to highlighting the unique features of a single building, our drone captures offer unparalleled aerial perspectives. The offerings range from B-Roll Flights to detailed portfolio property views. Add 4K satellite footage for a micro-to-macro perspective. Our professional drone footage offers high-definition shots from the best angles.


Our 3D Models create stunning visualizations, explore innovative concepts, and bring your ideas to life in ways that were previously unimaginable. Visualize architectural designs, simulate building structures, and present concepts with 3D renderings that provide an immersive and realistic representation of a property’s true potential. These immersive visuals can extend to landscaping, amenities, and even parking areas for a more detailed presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Flights are scheduled by your dedicated Project Manager, typically within 72 hours of receiving your information form. We strive to minimize any potential delays caused by FAA regulations or adverse weather conditions. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed if any adjustments to the schedule are necessary.

No, it's quite different. Unlike fixed cameras that record continuously from one location, our cutting-edge Vidspection is captured by a drone. This allows us to alter the footage and capture different angles and perspectives with each visit, providing you with comprehensive 360-degree visibility of your project.

The drone can fly up to 400 feet above ground level and as low as a few feet off the ground, provided it's safe to do so and after receiving FAA approval. We prioritize safety and compliance to ensure high-quality and safe aerial footage.

The Vidspection comes with a clean and easily shareable URL for your property inspection. Additionally, we provide a review link where you can add your notes and feedback. To enhance your experience, we offer 40 aerial photos and the raw footage from the site visit, giving you a comprehensive view of your project.

Absolutely! We encourage you to take advantage of our Partner Program, offering discounts and a streamlined process with a small annual commitment. This enables you to benefit from our services for multiple flights efficiently.

Certainly! We offer flexibility and collaboration with our fully human Project Managers. You can work closely with them to plan and adapt the shots necessary to capture the evolving progress of your project.

Creating a timelapse is a captivating way to showcase your project's development. We compile footage from each visit and accelerate the pace to create an engaging timelapse video. To ensure the best results, we recommend capturing at least one standard shot at each visit, and we recommend creating a timelapse after every 4-5 visits for a compelling visual journey.

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